Summer is at last being swept away, and with its departure arrives a new set of jewellery trends to put into play. Typically the Autumn/Winter period sees bracelets and other bangles that compliments cold weather clothing; layered on top as if providing extra protection from the chill. As early inspiration, the following are just a few of Claybrooks personal picks.

Pearl Necklaces

With its Parisian roots and vintage sheen, the humble handful of pearls is a classic that will never die out - instead merely go into hibernation. To celebrate its popularity this Autumn and Winter, we recommend donning the simple yet stunning Pearl Necklace with Textured beads - a timeless classic that oozes elegance and femininity. If a simple string however is a little too simple for yours or your partner’s taste, then the “D for Diamond” necklace dotes on the freshwater pearls with filigree heart locket.

Asymmetric Earrings

Fashion is a funny world. You can get the dirtiest looks for wearing odd socks, but if the season’s right you can look incredibly trendy with a mash-up of earrings. The pairs that you pick are ultimately up to you, but if you’re after suggestions, you could try mixing and matching the Yellow Cold Diamond & Pearl Stud Earrings, and these White Gold Vintage Drop Earrings, which also feature their own diamond.


With their harsh metallic appearance, chains aren’t everyone’s immediate jewellery choice, but they’re set to be the big thing this Autumn. To ease you into this jewellery trend, we recommend trying on the Fred Bennett Belcher Link Chain, crafted with stainless steel. If even that is too far removed from more dainty necklaces, the SS Diamond Cut Curb Chain is perfect for casual wear, and yet still boasts a slight sparkle.


Everyone likes to talk how much they love the vintage look, but until we see the humble pin, we never quite know if it’s genuine. These understated items have made a surprise return to the catwalk, but have been a stalwart of Claybrooks' range for some time. The Round and Square versions of the Fred Bennett Collar Pin are both excellent finishing pieces to any outfit, and are made to last with high quality precious metal.


Last but not least, we have the time-honoured, repeat classic of the Winter Jewellery trends. Cuffs have been a favourite for everyone from Chanel to Saint Laurent, and this year they were seen worn over the tops of sleeves and gloves in a unique approach. To try out this look yourself, there’s always the Fred Bennett Stainless Steel Cuff Bangle, which distinguishes itself with a sleek, black PVD stripe.