When choosing jewellery, its hard to get over the monotony of similarly displayed stones and uninteresting design. You want a range that redefines what can be done with a bracelet, necklace or earrings, and we believe we found one: Fiorelli. This successful UK brand is renowned for jewellery that matches innovation, meticulous design and high perceived value, and for this entry in the Claybrooks blog, we’ll show you just a few of our absolute favorite pieces from this superb name.

Stunning ladies rings

Fiorelli are meticulous in how best to show off the precious stones in their ring collection. The number of stones, their placement and how they appear on your finger are all of vital importance. For example, this silver clear cubic zirconia ring arranges its stones in a cluster marquise row, giving each its own focus within the item. The Montana Swarovski ring meanwhile takes silver and purple variants of cubic zirconia, and arranges them into an irresistible shape.

Unique earring design

When it comes to their earrings, Fiorelli are able to offer a lot more than just an abundance of shiny stones. Their silver rose, gold & mother of pearl stud earrings enrapture the eyes with a circular pattern, enclosing the pearl in a celtic inspired arrangement. In terms of real standouts in their range, the 3D two-tone star earrings do it literally, with sterling silver and rhodium and gold plate that comes out of its very shape.

Redefining the bangle

Bangles and bracelets aren’t everyone’s first choice in jewellery, but the Fiorelli range makes a great argument for why you should wear one. Their silver clear, pave marquise link bracelet will make a gorgeous accompaniment for any outfit, with a grand combination of cubic zirconia and interlocking leaf pattern. A particular favourite of ours, the silver white eternity shaped bangle takes something as simple as a numerical symbol, and weaves it into a splendid item of jewellery that’s ideal for any occasion.