If you want to stretch those holiday outfits further this summer, then we will let you into a little fashion industry secret. The key to looking great at all times is in the accessories; the outfit is merely the canvas. Key pieces are the order of the day so you need a clever way to mix it up and add some variety to your outfit. Here is the Claybrook’s guide to accessorising your summer wardrobe with jewellery to help you look and feel beautiful whatever you’re wearing.

Ring Stacking

It used to be that stacking rings was crass and showy, but bang on trend ring stacking is a unique way to add a beautiful twist to your outfit thanks to Valentino. If you are staying on trend with the Seventies look, then spruce up your maxi dress with retro wishbones teamed with this rose filigree. Pad out with plain bands to stack. Or keep it romantic with Celtic twist rings teamed with clusters that complement the colours in your outfit.

Image of Rose Gold Plated Filigree Ring Mellow Leather Men’s Bracelets

Men often struggle to accessorise with jewellery, but this year’s Spring Summer trend is all about the blended extras. Keep the tone subtle with one of these gorgeous men’s leather bracelets. They lend themselves to smart and casual, so whether you’re out on the lakes in a shirt and shorts or suited up at a business meeting, these bracelets are the ultimate finishing touch. If you are wearing jewellery, keep it minimal – so avoid a chunky neck chain but do go for a contrasting chunky watch to balance out the bracelet.

Image of Double Strand Brown Leather Bracelet With SS Bars A Splash Of Colour

If you are dead set on rocking the military look this summer then you need to make sure you don’t blend into the background. A splash of colour in key areas will bring your outfit alive, and you can’t go wrong with Peridot in gold against the neutral canvas of Khaki.

Image of 9 ct Gold Ladies Solitaire Earrings + Pendant With Peridot Summer Work Wear Accessories

Work wear might be dull, but this summer you can make it pop with carefully selected complimentary pieces. Nothing says ‘well groomed’ more than a matching pendant and earring set teamed with formal work wear. This Rhodolite Garnet set offers just the right balance between understated elegance and bold colour. The set is also available in a wide variety of gem colours and white gold too.

Image of 9 ct White Gold Ladies Solitaire Earrings + Pendant With Rhodolite Garnet

When it comes to accessorising your summer wardrobe with jewellery, there are a few key things you need to know. Don’t allow patterns to clash – so avoid Celtic and Geometric on the same outfit - and don’t be afraid to stack your bracelets, rings or necklaces. While we at Claybrook’s may not be a leading supplier of Louis Vuitton’s Retro Hoops this summer, we do have a wide variety of beautiful and elegant pieces that will compliment any item in your summer wardrobe.